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Hello world (or how the “blacksmith’s mare” has waited long time for its web page)!

By Ines Vrenko Peruško • March 29th, 2009

Hello world!

I guess it is true what an old Slovenian proverb says — that the blacksmith’s mare is always barefoot (an equivalent of the English saying that the cobbler’s children go barefoot). I would add to this, the mare often remains barefoot even after she helps others get their shoes:-). This is how the story of Infa’s web page has developed too.

The decision that we need a web page was finally made as early as in spring of 2008, when I decided that my own entrepreneurial path is what I wished as my next career challenge. The original idea was that web page should be simple and only informative in nature, so clients could find us online. However, in the months to follow I learned some important lessons about positioning on the Web:
•    Mere presence on the Web is not enough any more;
In an era ob Web 2.0 (or higher!), increasingly demanding and picky users of the Web require a dynamic, updated and every single time slightly different content. This means that visually appealing and merely informative content doesn’t satisfy them any more.
•    Different services, offered by a company, should be carefully studied in order to structure them as a whole with clear connections between individual elements.
Then, they should be presented so that they are quickly understood by clients and potential clients. In other words, visitors of web page should be told in a straightforward manner, what specifically we are selling, and which business issues our services can help them solve. The latter is not always easy, in particular for companies selling know-how from apparently different, yet very tightly connected fields.
•    As in the business relationship in general, also in interaction through web pages, the »give-take« relationship should be formed.
If a web page offers visitor some useful, up-to-date information, which he/she can use for his/her company, chances are he/she will be more willing to reveal something about his/her needs, will contribute for the web page and finally will simply decide to work with us.
•    Even before a web page goes live, it is smart to obtain feed-back from future users.

The above mentioned and many more lessons have thus slowed down the process of creating our web page. However, on the other hand they have also enriched it with many new important insights. So, even before went “live”, we helped several clients create the structure and write content for their web pages. This was undoubtedly a great learning point for us and a great value for our clients.

In the meantime, the scope of our business has also grown. New client have approached us, new types of projects have emerged bringing new requirements as well. In short, a typical entrepreneurial experience when the work “eats up” the entrepreneur. So, the web page spent winter months in a warm and cozy spot – in a form of well developed draft.

When the spring has sprung, the enthusiasm to go “live” has emerged again. So, finally, it is here, in front of you. Take a look at it, get to know us better and make sure to visit us again, as we will keep striving for a dynamic web page where something new awaits you every single time.

Happy spring!


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