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Hello world (or how the “blacksmith’s mare” has waited long time for its web page)!

March 29th, 2009 • By: Ines Vrenko Peruško

Hello world! I guess it is true what an old Slovenian proverb says — that the blacksmith’s mare is always barefoot (an equivalent of the English saying that the cobbler’s children go barefoot). I would add to this, the mare often remains barefoot even after she helps others get their shoes:-). This is how the […]

Annual report – a necessary »uninvited guest« or a unique communication and sales tool?

March 29th, 2009 • By: Ines Vrenko Peruško

In large corporations (but more and more often also in medium and small companies) December and January are particularly hectic months. Not only because of concluding the previous year from an accounting and financial perspective or planning and budgeting process for the current year, but also due to launch of preparations for annual report. While some companies see it only as a fulfillment of formal legislation requirements (for public stock corporations in Slovenia, it is required by the Companies Act), others as a necessary “uninvited guest” because of rules by the parent company or the management, there are many who see it primarily as an excellent communication, marketing, and sales tool. In this article, we write about the most common problems companies encounter when preparing annual reports and give useful advice based on our experience.

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