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Ines Vrenko Peruško

Ines Vrenko PeruškoThe founder of the company, Ines Vrenko Peruško, has 10 years of experience in internal communications, business intelligence, marketing, and market research. In addition, she has been active in translating specialized business texts for a number of years, primarily for clients in banking, financial sector, and information technology.
Following her 1998 graduation from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Political Sciences department- International relations major), Ines enrolled in the postgraduate program of International Economics at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana.  In 2001, she obtained the prestigious, merit-based »Ron Brown« scholarship, granted by the US Department of State, for postgraduate studies in the US. She received her Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree  in 2002 from Simmons College, School of Management in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ines’ know-how and experience, combined with her dynamic lifestyle, ensures an interdisciplinary approach to issues and broad overview of the problems she helps resolve. Clients and colleagues appreciate her inventiveness, passion for work, excellent communication skills and ability to step into clients shoes when solving their problems.

Ines is a member of several professional associations and organizations, including the following:

  • Public Relations Society of Slovenia (PRSS)
  • Croatian Association for Public Relations (HUOJ)
  • Slovenian Marketing Association (DMS)
  • Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)

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