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In an era when companies are doing business ever more globally, precise and professional translations in the spirit of the destination language is a key element when preparing business documentation and excellent communication activities.

In the area of translations, we make our clients’ business easier by conducting for them the following activities:

  • Translating from/to English, German, French, Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian
  • Translating specialized business texts, for which we have specifically trained and experienced translators (e.g. annual reports, financial statements, press releases and other marketing materials, legal documentation, patent documentation, IT manuals and instructions etc.)
  • Localization of documents
  • Editing texts, adaptations, revisions and proof-reading (also by native speakers of foreign language)

We consider it as our major strength that beside langauge expertise our translators have appropriate know-how and formal education enabling them to understand the content being translated. This allows us to always use the appropriate industry-specific terminology, have resources available to assist us in better understanding of the topic and follow the trends in the industries where our clients operate.

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